Aviation Inspiration

Share This: Keeping Design Build Fly worthy of Wichita Take a look toward the skies over Wichita at any given time and the odds are good that a huge, majestic, flying machine will be there – sometimes so close you can almost reach out and touch it. As awe-inspiring as that sight might be, many […]

The Wichita Advantage

Unique training programs allow Air Capital to soar By John Tomblin, Ph. D. I have had the unique opportunity to be involved in the highly anticipated Design Build Fly Exhibit since its early planning stages, and in those early meetings with museum staff, I knew one thing was clear: Wichita deserves an exhibit as unique […]

Spirit Sponsors Exhibit

Spirit AeroSystems sponsors new Design Build Fly exhibit by Debbie Gann Aviation has been the cornerstone of Wichita since the early days of flight. Many of the world’s greatest pioneers of aviation like Walter Beech, Clyde Cessna, Lloyd Stearman and Bill Lear, all had Wichita weaved within their stories. Flash forward to 2005 and Spirit […]

Fly Behind the Scenes

Design Build Fly Halfway Finished by Joseph Wisne It’s late on a Tuesday afternoon, and a group of engineers, technicians, a project manager, and I are gathering around an airplane wing, asking ourselves a question familiar to any parent, or fire inspector. “What’s that smell?” The vague odor of jet fuel, or maybe some kind […]

Aviation and Admiration

Lee and Jean Spalding

Fuselage Theater In Honor of Lee and Jean Spalding by Jeff Turner As Exploration Place prepares for its new aviation exhibit Design Build Fly, I am reminded of my years of service on the board of this museum both before and after it opened in 2000.  Wichita is an aviation city and I am so proud […]